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MatsuJun is a Heartbroken Chocolatier

Ok, so this is a reason for me to start writing in this blog again. I know I promised to begin sooner but I have been super busy. I finally made a huge move. I am now living in Japan and its been really hectic.


Now for the news. Own favorite Matsumoto Jun is starring in the new getsuku drama on Fuji TV. So this Monday at 9pm I can see it live if I make it home from work on time. The drama stars Jun who is still clinging to his first love played by Satomi Ishihara. Ishihara’s character loves chocolate but when given homemade chocolates on Valentine’s day, she immediately dumps him (Jun) saying she didn’t know they were dating. Not one to sit idly by Jun’s character goes to Paris to become a chocolatier in hopes of winning her love in the future.


Personally I can’t wait for this drama, I am not impartial at all. We love Arashi here at dramajewels and will support them forever.

Source AsianWiki