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Watch With Me Broadcast Special: Arashi Drama


Join me tomorrow afternoon when I’ll be having a 5-member drama marathon. I will watch one episode from a drama starring at least one member of Arashi. A will be having a live radio broadcast and chat. Let’s talk like friends watching together. I will also take to requests for songs you want to here within our hour’s broadcast. If there is a large following for this type of broadcast it will happen weekly. Each with a new theme.

Choose the episode you want to watch together. The most votes wins.

Matsumoto Jun – HanaDan ep.1

Sakurai Sho – Kazoku Game ep. 1

Ninomiya Kazunari – Ryusei no Kizuna ep. 2

Ohno Satoshi – Uta no Onii-san ep. 3

Aiba Masaki – My Girl ep. 2

Join us tomorrow at 1pm for Watch with Me.