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Year 15: Arashi back where they started.

On September 15,1999, super-idol group Arashi debuted in Hawaii. They came in from the ocean just like a storm, the English translation of their name, abroad a cruise ship. To hear the story from their own perspectives, they all had no idea what they were walking into. Each sent of their applications sent into Johnny’s Entertainment Agency for a different reason. With only two members having actually sent in his own application. imageAfter struggling to entertain the masses as their senpai Johnny’s acts’ background dancers and variety show fodder, they were finally able to debut as an idol group. This fall they will return to their beginning. Arashi will perform two concerts in Honolulu, Hawaii. The first on September 19 and the second on the 20th.

It’s a rare chance for them to perform in a western venue for foreign fans. It also provides an opportunity for fans who could not previously get tickets in the lottery system used by Johnny’s that favors fan club members. The tickets often selling out before the are open to the non-member public. This has happened to me. Trying desperately to get a ticket for a show but being unable to purchase one. Even with this Hawaii concert I won’t be able to see my beloved Arashi but I wish them well.

It’s been 15 years since their debut. Let’s take a look back at their growth into Japan’s most popular idol group. From their brief struggle to sell, to ultimately leveraging their variety show and drama popularity, soundtrack deals, to become a huge act all over Asia. Before its closure to renovate for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Arashi was able to sell out of the Kokuritsu, the Olympic Stadium located in Tokyo, year-after-year.

Source: Johnny’s Entertainment