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Horikita Maki is “Umechan Sensei”

NHK held a press conference with actress Horikita Maki to make it official that she will star in next year’s morning drama.

The drama will be set in the past as well, the time of the post-war reconstruction. Horikita will play a female doctor called Umeko, better known to the people as Umechan-sensei, treating all kind of patients in Kamata, Tokyo.

NHK once again decided to send the offer directly to the actress instead of holding auditions for their next morning drama. It was the same case with this year’s “Ohisama” starring Inoue Mao. Horikita’s most recent appearance on NHK was for the taiga drama “Atsuhime”.

Chief producer Iwatani Kanako commented, “Last year I experienced her [Horikita Maki] stage play and I could feel all this powerful energy coming from her slender body. Somehow she is an actress who embodies the atmosphere of the Showa era, 1926-1989, so I think she is the perfect choice for this drama.”

Scriptwriter Ozaki Masaya is responsible for the screenplay. He already wrote the great scripts for dramas such as “Natsuko no Sake”, “Kekkon Dekinai Otoko”, “Shiroi Haru”, and “Oniyome Nikki”.

“Umechan Sensei” will begin airing next year on April 2nd, 2012 and air for a total of 156 episodes.



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Barbie Hsu to Focus on Family

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, is planning to leave the entertainment industry. Barbie whose popularity soared with dramas, “Meteor Garden”, the Taiwanese version of “Boys over Flowers” and my favorite Barbie drama, “MARS” in which she acted with one of my favorite guys, Vic Zhou.

At a press conference for an upcoming movie My Kingdom, she stated that, “This movie will be the last one after my marriage. I intend to use the rest of my time on trying to conceive. I’ll not be making any more movies.” Barbie talked about her husband saying, “I like men who are a child at heart, but are manly at the same time. My husband is just like that. He’s still tough, even though there are times when he’s really childish.”

Just a couple of weeks ago Barbie shocked and worried her fans with a photo she uploaded to the internet. Further details are available here.

“You’ve Fallen For Me” Trailer








Jung Yonghwa’s joins his “you’re Beautiful” love interest, Park Shin Hye, in new drama, “You’ve Fallen For Me”. The production team unveiled a longer preview clip that gave more depth to Yonghwa’s character. Jung Yonghwa is looking handsome as usual, but his cold expressions reveal that he’s a lady’s man. In “You’re Beautiful” he lost the girl to the lead male, let’s hope he can finally get together with co-star Park Shin Hye.

Female lead Park Shin Hye is beautiful.  The clip also revealed a few shots of supporting actors Song Chang Ui and So Lee Hyun.