Eugene Drops Project to Care for Sister

Eugene will be pulling out of her upcoming drama, ‘Color of Woman’, to care for her younger sister, who got involved in a serious car accident while in Guam. Her younger sister, Yookyung, is currently in the hospital after getting run over by her parked car when it rolled down the hill. She is suffering from a fractured spine and bruises all over her body.

Hearing of the accident, Eugene made the difficult decision to pull out of her first drama since getting married earlier this year to actor, Ki Tae Young.

Her agency, G.G Entertainment, stated, “Eugene heard of the sudden accident while on her way back from a concept meeting for ‘Color of Woman’. She is currently feeling very uneasy; she is unable to sleep and is in great shock.” They continued, “This was a difficult decision made after negotiations with the production team over this situation. She hopes for understanding and apologizes to all the fans who have anticipated her return.”

The drama production agency stated, “We regret Eugene’s unfortunate leave. We hope for a speedy recovery for her sister. We are currently looking for another actress to take her place. We will choose an actress that will match up to the high expectations of fans.”

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Lee Byung Hun, “King of Chosun”

On November 14th, Lee Byung Hun’s agency BH Entertainment confirmed that the star has signed on for “King of Chosun”.

This production is based off of Mark Twain’s, “The Prince and the Pauper”, only with a historical Korean twist. Lee Byung Hun will play dual roles as ‘King Kwang Hae Goon’ and a peasant, who both look remarkably identical to one another.

At this time, there are rumors that “King of Chosun” will cast ‘Sunny‘ actress Shim Eun Kyung for one of its more substantial roles. Shim Eun Kyung, however, has yet to make an official decision as she is currently studying abroad in the States.


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Rain Adapts Well to the Military

After officially finally entering the military, reports are that Rain, has been adjusting well to military life.

It was announced last Wednesday by the Ministry of National Defense that Rain will soon become an assistant instructor at the military training camp he entered last month as a result his smooth transition.

A ministry representative later confirmed that assistant instructors are chosen based upon both their training results and their willingness, as he stated, “Jung (Rain), has proven himself in both aspects.”




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DAIGO is Ultraman Zero

DAIGO has been announced as the star of the next “Ultraman” film. This will be his first time starring in a movie, and also his first time playing a hero in a tokusatsu work.

“Ultraman Saga” is scheduled to open in theaters next March. DAIGO will play Taiga Nozomu, a young man who transforms into Ultraman Zero. Taiga is the son of Ultra Seven, a rookie member of the self-defense team Super GUTS who is also a talented pilot. After desperately protecting a child in danger and sustaining a serious injury, he is chosen as Ultraman Zero, resulting in the birth of a new hero.

The story this time deals with a mysterious race of invaders who have taken over the Earth. Ultraman Zero must team up with Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Cosmos to restore peace to the planet.

“Ultraman Saga” will be shown in 2D and 3D in theaters starting March 24, 2012.