Mukai Osamu Set to Star in First Prime Time Drama

Earlier today it was announced that actor Mukai Osamu will be starring in his first prime time drama next season on Fuji TV.

He finally gets to shine in his first prime time starring role, in an original and comical story penned by scriptwriter Omori Mika (“Buzzer Beat”, “My Boss My Hero”).

The drama is going to follow a man just before he hits his thirties, as he struggles to reorganize the French cuisine restaurant of his parents. His current occupation is a chef, but he used to be a bassist of a rock band up until recently, and therefore he is also quite outspoken and doesn’t hold back with sarcastic remarks towards the other employees and even the customers. However, all of the comments are just rash remarks without any ill intent. He is still supposed to be a very likeable character.

Mukai commented about his character, “I’m… actually pretty sadistic myself.” He laughed and continued, “However, my tongue isn’t as loose as the protagonist’s.”

Aside from the outspoken character of the protagonist, another highlight is going to be the various cooking scenes in each of the episodes.

Mukai already worked in various restaurants and bars himself and commented, “I can do Japanese-style meals from ordinary stuff to boiled fish, and Italian cuisine, but I have almost no experience in French cuisine.” Therefore he is currently receiving a crash course in French cuisine before the start of filming in December.

There are also going to be various flashbacks to the protagonists days as a bassist, where Mukai can showcase his skills from his role in the movie “BECK“.

Mukai Osamu, French cuisine and a pinch of music. Be sure to check out this drama, that is going to air on Fuji TV every Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

via Sanspo