Gackt’s Hollywood Debut Comes to Japan

It’s been revealed that GACKT’s Hollywood debut movie, “Bunraku“, will be released in Japan on January 14th.

Last year, “Bunraku” was screened at the ‘23rd Tokyo International Film Festival‘. After seeing GACKT’s performance as ‘Uesugi Kenshin’ in the NHK Taiga drama, “Furin Kazan“, director Moshe was eager to get him to star in the movie. GACKT plays the role of ‘Yoshi’, who is the sidekick of the main character (played by Josh Hartnett). Without using a stuntman, GACKT was able to recite his lines in English and engage in action scenes that involved fencing and spear fighting.

The movie takes place in a new world after a global war. Nicola is a powerful man who controls a cruel organization with nine ‘killers’. One night, a mysterious Drifter meets Yoshi at a local bar in town. They end up exchanging fists, but aren’t able to settle the well-matched fight. The bartender sees their strength, and proposes an idea for the them to join forces to overthrow the organization.

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Matsuda Shota Attends Stage Greeting for New Film

On October 26th, actors Matsuda Shota, Nagayama Kento, and Watabe Atsuro attended a stage greeting for their movie, movie, “Hard Romantic-er“, at TOHO Cinemas RoppoMongi Hills.

Since the film portrays violence, Matsuda showed concern for the female audience saying, “If you don’t think it’s good, you can leave the theater,” and continued, “Feel the violence.”

Meanwhile, Watabe, who plays the persistent detective sarcastically commented, “I’m the only decent role in the movie.”

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Mukai Osamu Set to Star in First Prime Time Drama

Earlier today it was announced that actor Mukai Osamu will be starring in his first prime time drama next season on Fuji TV.

He finally gets to shine in his first prime time starring role, in an original and comical story penned by scriptwriter Omori Mika (“Buzzer Beat”, “My Boss My Hero”).

The drama is going to follow a man just before he hits his thirties, as he struggles to reorganize the French cuisine restaurant of his parents. His current occupation is a chef, but he used to be a bassist of a rock band up until recently, and therefore he is also quite outspoken and doesn’t hold back with sarcastic remarks towards the other employees and even the customers. However, all of the comments are just rash remarks without any ill intent. He is still supposed to be a very likeable character.

Mukai commented about his character, “I’m… actually pretty sadistic myself.” He laughed and continued, “However, my tongue isn’t as loose as the protagonist’s.”

Aside from the outspoken character of the protagonist, another highlight is going to be the various cooking scenes in each of the episodes.

Mukai already worked in various restaurants and bars himself and commented, “I can do Japanese-style meals from ordinary stuff to boiled fish, and Italian cuisine, but I have almost no experience in French cuisine.” Therefore he is currently receiving a crash course in French cuisine before the start of filming in December.

There are also going to be various flashbacks to the protagonists days as a bassist, where Mukai can showcase his skills from his role in the movie “BECK“.

Mukai Osamu, French cuisine and a pinch of music. Be sure to check out this drama, that is going to air on Fuji TV every Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

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Won Bin Cooks Rice

In this new CM, Won Bin transformed into a romantic male cook who steams rice for his beloved with the new Cuckoo rice cooker. Won Bin’s acting is flawless as the perfect husband.

Netizens were overwhelmed as they commented, “I would die, if Won Bin cooked rice for me~” “All I can see is you….I don’t care about the rice cooker…” “This makes me want to buy the product,” “I feel like this commercial is marketing Won Bin, not the cooker…” and, “Even the rice cooker is in love with him“.




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