Matsuyama Kenichi & Koyuki Expecting

Matsuyama Kenichi and Koyuki, who recently got married in April, are expecting their first child!

The couple made their  announcement to the media through a fax sent by their agency.

Koyuki, who is five months pregnant and lead actress in one of my favorite dramas “Kimi wa Petto”, wrote; “I am starting to feel the joy and responsibility of taking care of this new, tiny life within me. I hope to take care of myself and prepare myself for that day with the help of my husband, Matsuyama Kenichi”.

Matsuyama also wrote, “Today, I’d like to inform you that my wife is pregnant. We will be the first people that our new baby will see. I don’t know how we will appear to our child, but as a father, a man, an actor, and a person, I’d like to continue growing and live a fun life with my wife and child.”

via Yahoo! japan