Citizens Protest Fuji TV

On August 21st, 6,000 citizens held a protest against the network Fuji Tv, at Oumi-Kita Futou Park. Around 1:30PM they started their protest with statements

“Fuji TV shouldn’t force Hallyu on us!” and “We don’t want to watch Korean dramas!”

A similar movement was held prior on August 7th with around 2,500. J-CAST News interviewed one of the protesters, he stated “This is a protest against Fuji’s biased reports, and how they’re pushing Hallyu onto us. It is not a claim of being anti-Korea”.

While the protesters tried to get into contact with the network, the network replied with “There are no reasons for a protest”. The representative said, “Shortly, we will put an open letter on the internet about this”.


“Hotaru no Hikari” To Become A Movie!

This upcoming movie takes place two years later, when Amemiya decides to go on a honeymoon in Rome after hearing Takano’s dream of “spending the holidays in Rome with the person I love.”

“When I first heard about the movie adaptation, I was surprised! But I am looking forward to arguing with ‘buchou’ in Italy. I will do my best to produce a good movie that many people can laugh at,” expressed Ayase.

Fujiki also commented, “I was skeptical when I first heard of the movie adaptation. To have a heartwarming drama that takes place on a porch, I still can’t believe it. I have an attachment to the drama, so I am looking forward to playing ‘buchou’ again.”




via Oricon