Citizens Protest Fuji TV

On August 21st, 6,000 citizens held a protest against the network Fuji Tv, at Oumi-Kita Futou Park. Around 1:30PM they started their protest with statements

“Fuji TV shouldn’t force Hallyu on us!” and “We don’t want to watch Korean dramas!”

A similar movement was held prior on August 7th with around 2,500. J-CAST News interviewed one of the protesters, he stated “This is a protest against Fuji’s biased reports, and how they’re pushing Hallyu onto us. It is not a claim of being anti-Korea”.

While the protesters tried to get into contact with the network, the network replied with “There are no reasons for a protest”. The representative said, “Shortly, we will put an open letter on the internet about this”.


Matsuda Shota Returns as ‘grandpa’ in New Softbank CM

Actor Matsuda Shota will be making a return as ‘grandpa’ in the new Softbank CM for the “White Family” series.

The CM focuses on the story of grandpa, who suddenly returns to the White Family after disappearing for a year. At the end, Aya becomes dizzy from standing up too fast, and grandpa catches her in his arms.



“Hotaru no Hikari” To Become A Movie!

This upcoming movie takes place two years later, when Amemiya decides to go on a honeymoon in Rome after hearing Takano’s dream of “spending the holidays in Rome with the person I love.”

“When I first heard about the movie adaptation, I was surprised! But I am looking forward to arguing with ‘buchou’ in Italy. I will do my best to produce a good movie that many people can laugh at,” expressed Ayase.

Fujiki also commented, “I was skeptical when I first heard of the movie adaptation. To have a heartwarming drama that takes place on a porch, I still can’t believe it. I have an attachment to the drama, so I am looking forward to playing ‘buchou’ again.”




via Oricon