Won Bin and Moon Geun Young Play Couple

After releasing individual pictures of Won Bin and Moon Geun Young modeling for “Basic House”, the two of them are paired up as a couple, wearing couple tees and bright smiles.

A collaboration with New York pop artist Keith Haring, the couple’s T-shirts have Keith Haring’s character printed on it and are matched with simple but fashionably washed out denim jeans. The illustration is the main point of the T-shirt, which is meant to show a simple but refined fashion style.

Team manager Jo Hong-Jun of “Basic House” said, “As an artist who wanted to give the public access to art by doing activities on the streets, Keith Haring has many similar interests as Basic House. As the leader of Korea’s casual clothes brands, we wish to offer reasonable prices for good clothes to more people.” He hopes that everyone looks forward to the future endeavors of “Basic House”.

via Joy News 24