Barbie Hsu to Focus on Family

Taiwanese actress Barbie Hsu, is planning to leave the entertainment industry. Barbie whose popularity soared with dramas, “Meteor Garden”, the Taiwanese version of “Boys over Flowers” and my favorite Barbie drama, “MARS” in which she acted with one of my favorite guys, Vic Zhou.

At a press conference for an upcoming movie My Kingdom, she stated that, “This movie will be the last one after my marriage. I intend to use the rest of my time on trying to conceive. I’ll not be making any more movies.” Barbie talked about her husband saying, “I like men who are a child at heart, but are manly at the same time. My husband is just like that. He’s still tough, even though there are times when he’s really childish.”

Just a couple of weeks ago Barbie shocked and worried her fans with a photo she uploaded to the internet. Further details are available here.