Uee’s First Meeting with Kim Hyun Joong

New drama “Golden Pond” actress,  Uee tells the story of her first time meeting Kim Hyun Joong.

On the June 13th airing of SBS’s Night After Night, UEE confessed, “I first saw him during a CF (Commercial Film) shoot, we held hands right as we met.” She also added, “My coordinator is a fan of Kim Hyun Joong and laughed when she saw this. She had eye contact with Hyun Joong while asking me if I was happy [to hold hands with him], she was really embarrassed.”

Hyun Joong was also infatuated by Uee, he confessed, “When I first saw UEE, I was secretly making a fuss about how pretty she was in the back.” When he was asked how it felt to hold her hand by MC Park Myung Soo, Hyun Joong confessed that it felt “good.”

via NATE news