Takeuchi Yuko’s “Strawberry Night”

Takeuchi Yuko’s role of a detective in the 2010 drama special, “Strawberry Night“, will be reprised for a full-fledged drama adaptation. After her role as a single mother in “Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku”, alongside my Matsumoto Jun, this is a welcome change.

In the drama, Takeuchi plays, Himekawa Reiko, a non-career female detective who still managed to climb up the ranks in quickly. She has an incredibly sharp intuition that enables her to know the feelings of a criminals. The filming will begin this month. Takeuchi commented that ‘Strawberry Night’ will become much more powerful thanks to the new members of the team, so it might be even more fun this time.” Several key characters from the drama special will reprise their roles in the drama as well, including Takeda Tetsuya, Nishijima Hidetoshi, and Ukaji Takashi.

The drama special was based on Honda Tetsuya’s best-selling novel, “Strawberry Night”, about a mysterious serial murder case. The drama serial will continue his novel series about Himekawa Reiko, adopting the stories from many of his other installments.



“Strawberry Night” is scheduled by Fuji TV to start airing in January of 2012.


Via Oricon