Mike He and Cyndi Wang Go to Bed

     OMG, it must be my lucky week. First Vic Zhou in a new drama, now Mike He. Not only is he set to star in a new drama, “Love Keeps Going” with Cyndi Wang (Smiling Pasta), there is a bed scene.

I confess to only have watched Smiling Pasta, which starred Cyndi Wang, but I  adore Mike He. So this drama is a must watch for me. Things are said to have gotten steamy between the two stars while filming the bed scenes, prompting teasing from the crew. The two only laughed, saying their director taught them how to act really well.

Scandalous scene seems to be a theme with this drama because another one shot is a nude scene involving Xiaomei. The director decided that his figure looked good enough and decided to make him expose his butt on-screen.

Xiaomei has joked that the new drama “Love Keeps Going” has the “3 many’s”: many lines, many kissing scenes and many exposed bodies. This statement was said due to the scandalous new content filmed for the show.


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