Lee Seung Gi’s Best Love Cameo

Lee Seung Gi shown here with his My Girlfriend is a Gumiho co-star Shin Min Ah

Best Love has continued the tradition of having star cameos from actors in the Hong Sister’s previous dramas. This time its Lee Seung Gi. Playing an alternate version of himself Lee Seung  Gi gets into an argument with our lead Cha Seung Won. The role played by Cha Seung Won was originally going to be played by Lee Seung gi himself, so its interesting to see the two of them playing a version of that role. Lee Seung Gi appears in Episode 9.

Cha Seung Won in a picture he uploaded himself after shaving his facial hair for Episode 5

Sorry to disappoint, but Lee Seung Gi will not appear in Lie to Me as far as I know. I recently had a slip of the mind while I was posting that news. He does however make an appearance in Best Love. I was writing my Lie to Me recap and posting this news story at the same time so the mistake was made, apologies.


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    1. Sorry to disappoint angeli there was an error in my previous post. He made his appearance in last week’s Best Love episode 9, and will not appear in Lie to Me as a guest as far as I am aware. I hope you still support him by watching his Best Love appearance, which is awesome, and please continue to visit my site.

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