Maeda Atsuko to Star in Hana Kimi Remake

        Maeda Atsuko, AKB48 member,  is set to star in the remake of popular manga and previous live action drama known as Hana Kimi. “Hanazakari no Kimitachi e ~Ikemen Paradise~ 2011” is the intended title of this new version.

Maeda Atsuko will be playing a girl who disguises herself as a guy to get into an all-boys school. To get in her role Maeda cuts her hair, trimming five to six centimeters off.

The original drama had a similar plot of a girl dressing as a boy and going to an all-boys school. We are not sure if it will be an exact remake or if the reason for her going to the boys school will change. We do know, she will probably fall in love and have some pretty hilarious experiences trying to keep her identity as a female hidden from her classmates.

Here’s to hoping this remake doesn’t fall flat. It has some hefty shoes to fill. The original Hana Kimi starred Maki Horikita, Shun Oguri, Ikuta Toma and Mizushima Hiro.



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